53 Chieftain Deluxe – Marsh

This 53 Chieftain Deluxe is owned by Dan Marsh.

53 Chieftain Deluxe - Marsh

Dan purchased this Pontiac(Model # 2511WD) in March 2014 from a dealer in Maine. He knew a car museum owner who had placed this car in his museum in 1984. The museum owner had had the original colors of White and Marathon Gray (Dark Metallic) repainted the current red and black top. This car has 60,000 miles on it currently. It also is equipped with a straight eight and Hydramatic transmission. The transmission on this car will need to be overhauled as will the engine. It runs and can be driven if needed. It suffers from “Korean” chrome as do most cars of this vintage and I am looking for NOS chrome or will have the current pieces re-chromed if I am unable to locate NOS pieces. I am looking forward to talking with other association members about these vintage Pontiac’s and sharing our experiences.

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