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2023 Fall Cruise

Cruise to Blake Shelton’s Ole Red Restaurant and Bar in Tishomingo. Pictures provided by Sheryl

2023 Rolling Thunder Car Show winners

2023 Car Show Exhibitors: Here are your pics

2023 Rolling Thunder Car Show(some highlights)

Thanks again to Straight Shooter for their entertainment. If you want to contact them, link off their name.

2023 Spring Cruise

Breakfast at Cracker Barrel then on to Stillwater by way of Perkins to visit the Cimarron Starlight Cruisers clubhouse and then lunch at Casa Agave. Pictures provided by Sheryl and Chris

2022 Rolling Thunder Car Show winners

2022 Car Show Exhibitors: Here are your pics

2022 Rolling Thunder Car Show (some highlights)

Thanks again to Straight Shooter for their entertainment. If you want to contact them, link off their name.

Christmas Party

2021 Christmas party

2021 Rolling Thunder Car Show winners

2021 Car Show Exhibitors: Here are your pics

2021 Rolling Thunder Car Show

Cars our members drove to the show, these were not part of the competition, thanks Dan for shooting these

Some more pics from the Rolling Thunder Car Show July 18 Thanks to Straight Shooter for their entertainment. If you want to contact them, link off their name.

Spring Cruise 2021

We gathered at 122nd and I-35; then drove to Tulsa for the Darryl Starbird’s National Rod & Custom Car Show; saw some amazing cars and then took the old Route 66 hwy home.  Here’s a few highlight pics provided by Sheryl Ore.

OKC car show 2021

pics provided by Sheryl Ore

Fall Cruise 2020

On Saturday, October 24, ten COPA members saddled up for the clubs Fall Cruise – which was a substitute for the Wewoka Sorghum Festival which was cancelled.  Ten members – with assorted wives and other relatives – meet up at Cracker Barrel for breakfast and then headed out on old route 66.  The first stop was at the Seaba Station Motorcycle Museum in Warwick.  We spent about an hour perusing the great collection of motorcycles and memorabilia.  Then it was on to Stroud for lunch at the famous Rock Cafe.  We we to meet up with folks from the Indian Nations chapter which turned out to be just one!  However, he was also in the Tulsa Camaro Club and he brought along about eight late model Camaro’s with a friendly bunch of fellow auto enthusiasts!  After lunch, we had an informal gathering outside the Rock and we invited the Camaro folks to join us on our cruise back to Oklahoma City, by way of the Chandler Activity Center, the Chicken Shack and Soda Pop’s. 

Our first stop on the return trip was at the soon to open Chandler Activity Center.  They have a large newly paved parking lot with many vintage gas signs posted throughout the parking lot.  It was a great place for a photo-op!  While there, people working on the inside  came out and invited us to tour the facility – even though it won’t open to the public until around the first of the year.

Wow!  What a place!  There will be a small restaurant, 16 bowling lanes, miniature golf, laser tag, band stand, dance floor, and a bar!  Decorated throughout with signs galore!  Most automotive and Route 66 related. Definitely a cruise destination for the future!

From there it was on to the Chicken Shack in Chandler for some “adult beverages” .  We parted ways with our Camaro friends here as we continued on to Soda Pop’s in Arcadia where we regrouped for the next stop at Phil Zackers residence in Edmond to view his private car collection.  And what a collection it was!  All concourse quality cars – and a gorgeous custom truck! Along with some motorcycles and auto memorabilia.  A big thanks to Phil for have us and sharing his collection with us!

We didn’t see the sun until we left the Rock but it turned into an absolutely beautiful fall afternoon for a cruise.  What a wonderful day to get our vehicles out one more time and cruise with friends.  Great Day!!!! 

2020 Car Show Exhibitors: Here are your pics

Our Car Show 2020

Some more pics from the Rolling Thunder Car Show June 28, 2020. Thanks to Straight Shooter for their entertainment. If you want to contact them, link off their name.

Christmas Party 2020

Our Car Show 2019

Some pics from over 100 entries at the Rolling Thunder Car Show June 30, 2019. Thanks to Straight Shooter for their entertainment. If you want to contact them, link off their picture.

Tri-City Cruisers Car Show 2019

April 27, COPA members cruised en mass to the annual Tri-City Cruisers Car Show. We cruised in with 11 cars! Attending were: Mike Borelli (’69 Judge); Mick Davenport (’65 GTO); Charlie Hutson (’71 Catalina); Marco Janet (’61 Catalina); Chris Keyes (’67 GTO); Dale Kruchenberg (’65 GTO); Dan Marsh (’54 Catalina); Joel Mayhan (’64 Bonneville); Todd McClain (’62 Catalina); Wayne Rodriques (’73 Trans Am); Ladonna Kruckenger (’03 Thunderbird). We always count Ladonna-she pays for breakfast!
After registration everyone trooped over to Jimmy’s egg for breakfast courtesy of COPA. This has become a tradition! After breakfast we settled in and enjoyed another outstanding car show by the Tri-City Cruisers on an absolutely beautiful spring day! There were about 244 cars registered. Competition was tough. There were lots of beautiful cars in attendance. Mike Borelli captured one of the Top 10 trophies with his ’69 Judge. Congratulations to Mike. Todd McClain took on of the unique Sponsor Trophies with his ’62 Catalina. Joel accepted the trophy on behalf of COPA for the club with the largest participation. A first for COPA!

Oklahoma City Auto Show 2019

Several members of the COPA were honored last month when they were invited to participate in the Annual Oklahoma City Auto Show. They were invited to display their respective vehicles in the reenactment of the “1960’s Auto Show”. Only about three dozen cars were invited to participate. Joel showed his 1964 Bonneville convertible while Dan Marsh brought his 1964 Catalina. Chris had his 1967 GTO and Mike was present with his 1968 Judge. The show lasted three days and was open to the public. All the ’60’s cars generated a lot of interest and a lot of memories. All participants had the opportunity to visit with other participants and interact with the public and tell the Pontiac story.

64 Catalina 68 GTO Judge Joel and Dan 67 GTO

Wewoka Sorghum Festival Car Show 2018

Seven COPA members (Joel, Mike, Chris, Dan, Charlie, Dale and Ladonna) traveled to Wewoka to participate. It was absolutely the perfect day for a car show! Blue skies, mild temp, and a light breeze. There were somewhere north of 150 cars entered. Not much in the way of Pontiac’s in attendance outside of COPA. Joel placed in the top 15 for “Stock – Cars”. We all had a good time and enjoyed ourselves.

Wewoka 2018 Wewoka 2018 Wewoka 2018

Medicine Park 2018

Five COPA members made their way through the dense fog and occasional drizzle to Medicine Park for the Warriors in the Wichita’s car show. Charlie Hutson, Chris Keyes, Mike Borelli, David Bartee, and Dan Marsh all braved the elements to attend. Last year we took seven cars and brought home seven trophies! No quite as good this year. Five cars and four trophies. However, Mike did garner Best of Show! Way to go Mike! Dan and Chris assisted with the judging. Another great show. Everyone should mark their calendars for the second Saturday in September 2019! After the show everyone met at the Plantation Inn for a good and enjoyable meal. The return trip was under partly sunny skies!

Some unique pics from Rolling Thunder Car Show July 15, 2018. Thanks to Straight Shooter for their entertainment. If you want to contact them, link off their picture.

straight shooter band

Wewoka Car Show and COPA cruise 2017

It turned out to be a nice day at the Wewoka Sorghum Festival. We had 6 cars in attendance with 7 members. Daniel Marsh & Joel Mayhan took 1st Place in their classes while Dale Kruckenberg took 2nd Place in his class. Daniel also took home the Best Classic Award.

Charlie Hutson & Straight Shooter were very entertaining. We cruised back on Hwy 9 through Seminole, Tecumseh, Pink, Little Axe and Norman. It was a nice drive.

Wewoka car show 2017

Medicine Park 2017

Warriors in the Wichita’s All Pontiac Car Show. An excellent turn out! We were well rewarded for the effort. All seven COPA entrants took home trophies! Dan Marsh took the People’s Choice Award for his ’53 Chieftain Convertible! The other winners were Joel Mayhan – ’64 Bonneville convertible; Dale and Ladonna Kruckenberg – 65 GTO convertible; Charlie Hutson – 71 Catalina; Ron Folks – 81 Grand Prix; Chris Keyes – ’67 GTO; Marco Janet – ’67 GTO. Seven for Seven! Awesome. Great show! Great setting! We need to do this again next year! The wives had a great time, too!

medicine park car show medicine park car show img_0045

Pontiac Southern Nationals 2017

Chris Keyes and Dan Marsh traveled to Addison, TX to participate in the Pontiac Southern Nationals Car Show. The Show was held in one of the hangars at Addison Airport that was owned by the Cavanaugh Flight Museum. A great venue! All those Pontiac’s among the old war birds! There were approximately 85 cars in attendance. Dan brought his beautiful 1953 Chieftain convertible. Dan won the Bronze Award for his class. Judging by the competition he should have been higher. Chris took Silver in his class. Great place for a car show. Looking forward to making the trip again next year. A lot of fun.

POCI convention 2017

Several COPA members started out for the POCI Convention at Texas Motor Speedway last week – some made it and some didn’t!  Joel Mayhan, Chris Keyes, Ron Folk and Dan Marsh all made it with their respective Pontiacs.  Good news/Bad news.  Bad news:  The Kruckenburgs didn’t make it as they experienced mechanical difficulties enroute and had to return home.  Good news:  They weren’t far from home.  Very disappointing that they couldn’t make it.  Mike Borelli was able to attend the first few days of the gathering but then had to leave for Rhode Island to fulfill family obligations.

The weather held for the most part with only a few light sprinkles on Saturday.  Otherwise it was hot and very humid!

The members who were able to attend and enter their vehicles the gods were kind.  All who entered came away with some serious bling!

Dan Marsh garnered Silver in Points Judged for his red 1953 Pontiac Catalina convertible.  In Popular Vote Joel Mayhan was selected as Most Outstanding in his class with his 1964 Bonneville convertible and Chris Keyes received the same for his 1967 GTO in his class.  Ron Folk received a certificate for his Grand Prix which he entered in the Road Warrior Class.

A good time was had by all!

copa IMG_2299 copa IMG_2300 copa IMG_2303 copa IMG_2304 copa IMG_2315

Some pics from Rolling Thunder Car Show June 25, 2017. Thanks to Straight Shooter for their entertainment. If you want to contact them, link off their picture.

straight shooter band most outstanding award

Tom Finney and Chris Keyes participated in the 2017 Southwest National Street Rod Show at the OKC Fairgrounds on April 7 – 9, 2017.

On Saturday, October 22 Joel, Dale and Ladonna, Mike, Chris and Charlie all cruised on over to Wewoka to participated in the Wewoka Sorghum Festival Car Show.  Charlie was the Grand Marshall for the parade and secured a great spot for us under the trees.
Thanks to Charlie for being such a great host!  There were 179 cars in all but only a few large classes.  One of which was Stock Cars.  The top 10 in that class were plaques.   Mike and Joel each took one. Congratulations!   During the show Dr. Gill Morgan, of professional golf fame, stopped by to visit.  Seems he’s a Pontiac kind of guy!

The weather was great, the company was even better, and a good time was had by all!

attendees car show car show car show attendees

Coffee & Cars 5th Anniversary

IMG_2147 IMG_2151 IMG_2157 IMG_2162 IMG_2163

POCI convention 2016

POCI convention 1 POCI convention 2 POCI convention 3 2016-Ames 2016-POCI 2016 poi 1 2016 poci 2 2016 poci 3 2016 poci 4 2016 poci 5

June 26, 2016 some pictures from our car show. Thanks to Steve Crossley for his entertainment, the first picture. If you want to contact him link off his picture. The next four pictures are Jim who was our charity this summer for Ovarian Cancer Awareness and Research. The Corvette that he built produced over 1100 horses on the dyno. Thanks to everyone who came out, it was hot, and made the show great.

1513 car show 1514 car show 1515 car show 1544 car show 1517 car show 1516 car show 1522 car show 1523 car show 1524 car show 1525 car show 1526 car show 1528 car show 1531 car show 1532 car show 1533 car show 1534 car show 1535 car show 1536 car show 1537 car show 1538 car show

May 14, 2016 Tom Finney, Marco Janet and Chris Keyes traveled to Sapulpa to participate in the “Pontiac, Oakland, & GMC Truck Celebration” and Cruise sponsored by the Indian Nations Pontiac Club. Although there were no classes or judging the host club did make a few selections. Marco received the award for “Favorite Cruiser” and Chris was awarded “Favorite Modified.

DSCN1456 DSCN1437 DSCN1436

These are some of our past event pictures…

2015a 2015b 2015c Event 0334 Event 0396 Event 0397 Event 0403 Event 1066 picnic 2011a picnic 2011b picnic 2011c picnic 2011d picnic 2011e picnic 2011f picnic 2011g picnic 2011h picnic 2011i picnic 2011j picnic 2011k picnic 2011l picnic 2011m picnic 2011n show 2010j show 2010i show 2010h show 2010f show 2010e show 2010d show 2010b show 2010a