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2022 Rolling Thunder Car Show winners

2022 Car Show Exhibitors: Here are your pics

2022 Rolling Thunder Car Show (some highlights)

Thanks again to Straight Shooter for their entertainment. If you want to contact them, link off their name.

Christmas Party

2021 Christmas party

2021 Rolling Thunder Car Show winners

2021 Car Show Exhibitors: Here are your pics

2021 Rolling Thunder Car Show

Cars our members drove to the show, these were not part of the competition, thanks Dan for shooting these

Some more pics from the Rolling Thunder Car Show July 18 Thanks to Straight Shooter for their entertainment. If you want to contact them, link off their name.

Spring Cruise 2021

We gathered at 122nd and I-35; then drove to Tulsa for the Darryl Starbird’s National Rod & Custom Car Show; saw some amazing cars and then took the old Route 66 hwy home.  Here’s a few highlight pics provided by Sheryl Ore.

OKC car show 2021

pics provided by Sheryl Ore

Fall Cruise 2020

On Saturday, October 24, ten COPA members saddled up for the clubs Fall Cruise – which was a substitute for the Wewoka Sorghum Festival which was cancelled.  Ten members – with assorted wives and other relatives – meet up at Cracker Barrel for breakfast and then headed out on old route 66.  The first stop was at the Seaba Station Motorcycle Museum in Warwick.  We spent about an hour perusing the great collection of motorcycles and memorabilia.  Then it was on to Stroud for lunch at the famous Rock Cafe.  We we to meet up with folks from the Indian Nations chapter which turned out to be just one!  However, he was also in the Tulsa Camaro Club and he brought along about eight late model Camaro’s with a friendly bunch of fellow auto enthusiasts!  After lunch, we had an informal gathering outside the Rock and we invited the Camaro folks to join us on our cruise back to Oklahoma City, by way of the Chandler Activity Center, the Chicken Shack and Soda Pop’s. 

Our first stop on the return trip was at the soon to open Chandler Activity Center.  They have a large newly paved parking lot with many vintage gas signs posted throughout the parking lot.  It was a great place for a photo-op!  While there, people working on the inside  came out and invited us to tour the facility – even though it won’t open to the public until around the first of the year.

Wow!  What a place!  There will be a small restaurant, 16 bowling lanes, miniature golf, laser tag, band stand, dance floor, and a bar!  Decorated throughout with signs galore!  Most automotive and Route 66 related. Definitely a cruise destination for the future!

From there it was on to the Chicken Shack in Chandler for some “adult beverages” .  We parted ways with our Camaro friends here as we continued on to Soda Pop’s in Arcadia where we regrouped for the next stop at Phil Zackers residence in Edmond to view his private car collection.  And what a collection it was!  All concourse quality cars – and a gorgeous custom truck! Along with some motorcycles and auto memorabilia.  A big thanks to Phil for have us and sharing his collection with us!

We didn’t see the sun until we left the Rock but it turned into an absolutely beautiful fall afternoon for a cruise.  What a wonderful day to get our vehicles out one more time and cruise with friends.  Great Day!!!! 

2020 Car Show Exhibitors: Here are your pics