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79 Trans Am – Dutton

This 79 Trans Am, owned by Jim Dutton since 1985(he is the third owner) was a daily driver till approximately 1996. The car was driven rarely, just enough to keep things working until 2015. The Cragar wheels have been removed and replaced with factory wheels. The clock shows over 250,000 miles and Jim knows it’s correct because he bought it just before 100,000 miles. These are original motor miles…

79 Trans Am - Dutton 79 Trans Am - Dutton

It’s been a great car over the years. It is exciting to be in process of restoration and more time driving.

65 Lemans – Monsey

This 65 Lemans has been owned by Lori Monsey since the summer of 1965, She bought it brand new from Chick Coker Pontiac just a couple of months after she started working for IBM at age 19. She traded in a 1960 Catalina convertible for it. It sat under a carport for around 30 years. Then a few years ago, Marco Janet restored it for her.

65 Lemans - Monsey